Water Sports in Goa at Calangute Beach

Explore famous Water Sports in Goa for Adventurous Holidays. From jet skiing to snorkeling to the more adrenaline kinds like scuba diving or an underwater sea walking experience there are enough ideas to give you the thrills! Even if you are not an adventure seeker, get ready to experience ultimate adrenaline rush. Water Sports in Goa starts from Rs.350 Onwards.

The Major Water Sports Activities in Goa are :


Who doesn’t want to fly high and reach the clouds? A rope of around 300 mtr is tied to the parasail and the other end is tied to the speedboat. When the speedboat starts, the individual automatically lifts from the ground.

Jet Ski

Jet Skiing is one of the most thrilling adventure water sports in Goa. Once you master the balance on the ski board, enjoy the great experience gliding on the waters.

Banana boat ride

Banana boat ride is where you’ll be seated on an inflated boat shaped like a banana. The boat is tied to a speedboat and pulls it through the water letting you enjoy the Waves that come your way.

Bumper ride

Enjoy this thrilling ride in which you are placed in a large air filled rubber tube and dragged by a speed boat into the open sea.

Speed Boat ride

Explore the beauty of Goa from the cruise. Boat Ride in Goa  leads to never ending adventure and sightseeing and ends after leisure activities are done.

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Water Sports in Goa at Calangute Beach
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